Change background

Remove a background from an image and replace it with another with these fun and easy-to-use Pixelmator tools.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Jack

    Hey, thanks for the tutorial videos. Very helpful.

  2. Danny

    This is my first tutorial video. Very helpful, I will watch the rest. Nice work Pixelmator!!!!!

  3. chloe

    AMAZING! exactly what i needed to know i bin scouring the internet looking for this info piece by piece!

  4. chloe

    does anyone know who to do if your background is way too small for the next item like the “starfish”…like how do you make the starfish smaller?

  5. r61

    thank you dudes!
    Highly sceptical I opened pixelimator site before googling the internets and this was the first thing I saw which was *exactly* what I was looking for lol

    @chloe just copy it into clipboard (be sure to have right layer selected), paste it into new document and resize the image..hope it helps 🙂

  6. antonio

    Where do you host these tutorials? They are so slow to download…it takes ages to view them and I have a fast del line. It’s a shame! You may want to think about hosting them on AWS3 for faster rendering, just a tip! I can’t watch them.

  7. Allison

    I have a similar question to Chloe’s – I’ve gotten the lassoed image on top of my background but now I need to make that image smaller and rotate it. When I try this using ‘Resize Image,’ the entire picture gets resized, background and all, even with the new layer on top selected. And when I try to rotate the lassoed image, the image stays in place while the moving outline of the image rotates… when I hit enter, the part of the image that isn’t in that new, rotated outlined area gets deleted. It’s a mess. Please help.

  8. Jan

    Like Allison I wonder how to resize the cut out image without changing the background.

  9. Ausra

    @Jan, the cut out image should be on a separate layer. So what you need to do is to select that layer with the object in the Layers palette, then choose Edit > Transform to resize the object.

  10. Jan

    @Ausra, thank you, it worked fine.

  11. Sydney

    Hi everyone! So, I am learning…:-) I was using my lasso tool and cut out part of an image off of one of my photographs. I then placed (what I thought was that cutout image) over the photo I wanted it on. It ended up covering the entire photo with these little gray/white checkerboard pattern. It is completely covering my original image, the one I wanted to paste something to. Can someone please tell me how in the world to get rid of this checkerboard pattern, so that my image underneath it will reveal itself?? I have clicked on everything that seems like it might work. Thanks a LOT!!

  12. Stephen

    I think there might be something a little wonkie (apoligizes for using such a techical term) with this video. I have been able to play all the other tutorial videos, no problem. This video shows with an overlay that softens the video, yet plays and overlays has the following message, “Blast! The video can not be played with the current setup.”

    MacBook Pro 11,1
    Mac OS 10.12.1
    Safari 10.0.1

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