Make Your Images Glow

Give your images a dreamy, magical look by applying a glow effect. It takes only a few steps to apply this effect to any of your images in Pixelmator.

Layers, the Fog effect and the Eraser Tool are used in this tutorial.

Step 1

Open an image to which you would like to apply the effect.

Step 2

To apply the effect non-destructively, duplicate the original layer. Choose Edit > Duplicate. Double-click the layer name in the Layers palette and rename it “Bloom Effect.”

Step 3

In the Effects Browser (View > Show Effects Browser), double-click the Fog thumbnail to apply the effect. Adjust the Radius and the Intensity sliders until you are happy with the effect. Click OK when you are done.

In this image, it would be nice for the flowers to look clearer. Use the Eraser Tool with a mid-size brush to erase the areas with the flowers so that the image below can be seen.

That’s all! The glow effect is finished.


Tutorial Comments

  1. DG

    This is amazing..

  2. Gary C

    Essentially this recreates duplicating a layer, applying Gaussian Blur of 10px to that duplicated layer and changing it to Lighten mode. Automates the process nicely.

  3. LINDA

    I click on eraser, how do I get a brush to come up, all I managed to do was erase part of the photo totally!

  4. Simon

    Linda, you seem to have forgotten the stem where you suplicate the photo. This way you are essentially undoing the effect on part of the image, as the part which is erased reveals the original image underneath.

  5. yangyang

    I didn’t find Fog thumbnail under View!!

  6. gay shit

    your gay

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