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The best and the most fun way to browse: instantly preview and quickly apply special effects and color adjustments to images.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Sean Lander

    Love your product but am struggling with the Effects Browser a little bit. 3rd Party Effects that put their name in each plugin don’t allow you to see the full name of the effect in the browser.

    This could be fixed by having a list view in the browser.


  2. Ausra

    Thanks, Sean, for the suggestion!

  3. Russ

    Is there a way to make the effects browser window wider. I can’t tell what some effects are because they are truncated by the short width of the effects browser.

  4. Ausra

    @Russ, yes! Just grab the border and drag to expand the Effects Browser.

  5. andryou

    How do I find out what the effects are attached to a layer

  6. Ausra

    @andryou, you cannot view the effects applied to a layer at this moment.

  7. Ken

    This is a very difficult program. Nothing works as it says in the tutorial or help. Sometimes I get it to do what I want, but I tried so many ways of doing it, I forget which one worked. The effects tools do not work at all. Double-click on effect tool, nothing happens. Drag it and it zips right back. There must be some undisclosed prerequisite action, but I can’t figure out what it is.

  8. Ausra

    @Ken, you can apply effects to the image layers only, if you apply an effect to the Text layer, or a Shape layer it won’t work.

  9. dave

    where is the effects browser??? all i see is the layer. your tutorial is a fail. it doesnt tell u where it is. its not in any menu item. fail.

  10. Ausra

    @dave, the Effects Browser is available in Pixelmator 2.1, or later. You can bring up the Effects Browser by choosing View > Show Effects.

  11. Bill

    Is it possible to edit an effect after it has been applied?

  12. Ausra

    @Bill, you cannot edit an effect once it’s applied.

  13. Frank

    I see that if I turn a text layer into pixels I can then apply an effect to it – but are there any text specific effects like bevel etc.? I found shadow in the Mac font browser.

  14. Johan


    Even though I get a preview that makes it seem like I can tweak the desaturate effect in the effects browser, applying the effect with completely desaturate the layer?

    At least no adjustment dialog appears anywhere.

    If Desaturate cannot be tweaked, I don’t think the preview should gradually desaturate the image. Very misleading and frustrating when it only appears to be on or off.

    All comments welcome.

  15. Johan

    @Ausra @Bill

    Semantics only, but some effects can be tweaked after they have been applied, but no effects can be edited after they have been committed 😉

  16. Brandon

    Is it my imagination or did the upgrade to Pixelmator 3.0 drop a ton of effects? I’ve spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out what happened to the Ascii Art filter.

  17. Bethan Taylor

    Having an absolute nightmare over here! Trying to replicate something I did in pixelmator only a few months ago and having no luck whatsoever. For some reason I can no longer add an effect to anything but the background image; there are other image layers on the document, but it will only let me add an effect to the large image I have made the background … HEEEELLLPPP!!

  18. Andrius (Pixelmator Team)


    Before you add the effect, could you try clicking to select a specific layer in the Layer palette? If you’ve tried that already and this still happens, could you drop us an email at support@pixelmator.com? We’ll take a look at what might be up.

  19. Iggy

    Got a third party generator. It’s built for pixelmator but it doesn’t come up on the menu. Any suggestions. I love the app by the way it’s very powerful

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