Move and Scale Objects

Effortlessly rescale, reposition and rotate images or objects within images with the Transform Tool.

Tutorial Comments

  1. sei


  2. eirich

    I’m a former Photoshop user who use to use it for work. I got really used to the key commands. I realize this is not Photoshop, which is the reason I bought it. Now that I no longer use PS for work, I no longer have need of much PS does. I especially don’t need the price and am happy to support another product that does what I now need.

    One thing about the Transform tool in PS is the ability to use key commands, Shift+Up/Down will step up/down the size by 10%, whereas the up/down arrows (without Shift) will step up/down the size by 1%. Also there is a way to center the image on the canvass with x & y coordinates. Is this possible in Pixelmator?

  3. Peter

    Is it just me, or don’t these videos work at all? I’ve tried Safari and Firefox, and nothing plays.

  4. Ausra

    Hi Peter,

    If you have any Internet browser extensions installed, try turning off them (Safari > Preferences > Extensions).

  5. JT

    I’ve tried turning off safari extensions. My internet is fast, but I can’t watch any of these tutorials. Love the app though. Maybe YouTube has some vids on there. Too bad. =) 5 stars on the app though, just don’t know how to use some of the tools yet.

  6. Ausra


    All videos can be found on our Youtube channel:

  7. ilgaar

    Hi, nice tutorial. again the only thing is missing is the images used in the tutorial.

  8. Alan Aurmont


    I need to resize an element to exactly 200px. How come I can’t just enter number 200 and be good to go??? Instead, I have to try to guess percentage that would correspond to 200px. All iLife and iWork apps let you effortlessly resize anything by entering exact the pixel number.

    What’s worse is that even if I’m lucky to guess the corresponding percentage and the setting says 200px, the final size after hitting OK still decreases by 1 pixel for some odd reason. Seriously, what’s going on?

    Please make it as user-friendly as Apple does it. No wonder no one can be better than Apple.

    Sincerely frustrated,

  9. Jon

    I also need to transform a layer to a specific size (in my case, measured in inches). Having to guess what percentage corresponds to this size is extremely frustrating. I really ought to be able to change units in the ‘transform’ command!

  10. Niels

    Is it possible to enter the exact measurements in mm?

  11. Adult Work

    Please make it as user-friendly as Apple does it. No wonder no one can be better than Apple.

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