Tabs make it really easy to keep track of all your Pixelmator documents.

Tutorial Comments

  1. S Barr

    I cannot follow this. WHERE is the “Tab” menu she is referring to? Not everyone uses the same descriptions for software and software elements- a circle around th structures she is describing would help immensely. This is totally useless. I also cannot find a Brush icon in my toolbar- only 2 pen tool icons. WHERE are the brushes? I like the simplicity of this interface, but come on, we SHOULD be able to find things and you should provide better tutorials for beginners. I cannot use this software and now have to look on YouTube for a decent introduction. NOT EVERYONE IS AN EXPERT!!

  2. Blake

    In the video it was right under the title of the photo. First it was a single, then a double, then a tripple (as she added a second photo, then created a new one). Then she dragged one tab off to create a separate document window. Then dragged it back to join the other two. It was always right below the title and above the photo.

  3. Paul Bluntzer

    While in Pixelmator, select the “Window” from the top menu items, then come down to, “Merge All Windows” and you will see all your open Pixelmator documents combined into one easy to use window.

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