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Straighten slightly crooked photos or give your images a little more focus by easily cropping an image with the Crop Tool.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Jacqui

    Can you crop wiggly shapes, such as people? i.e. moving a person from one photo into another photo?

  2. Flemming Mahler

    There must be a trick to custom constraints I’m missing. When trying to crop a specific ratio, the values in the two boxes [___ ] x [___] just right of the dropdown where I selected “custom” always seem snap back to 256×256.

    What is the trick?

  3. Ausra

    @Jacqui, here is a tutorial explaining it:

    @Flemming Mahler, you should be able to enter the number below 256, we are working on fixing this one.

  4. George


  5. marvince

    how do I crop a circle?

  6. Ausra


    To cut out a circle use the Elliptical Marquee Tool. Here is a text tutorial about it:

  7. Rob Holland

    Selecting an area and clicking crop is doing nothing. The cancel/crop buttons stay there, no action is taken. Hitting Crop in the context menu has the same (lack of) effect.

    Very frustrating.

  8. Sine M Schjelderup

    Is it possible to crop a circle??

  9. Sine M Schjelderup

    Woops, saw the circle answer while posting my comment. Thanks ! 🙂

  10. bruce dickson

    hi small first dark gray text on black background means you are not interested in users over 50 years old. How aout a much lighter gray for font color?

    Second suggest you rename retitle this tutorial “crop & constrain” bcause I’ve spent 5 months wondering where the controls for constrain are and finally found them here. Non-standard crop behavior seems to be a big complaint. The program is fine, jsut the access to the constrain feature is “hidden” unless you stumble across it

  11. James Rone

    The crop tool is useful if I’m trying to constrain my entire image, but I’ve imported several photographs to make a kind of collage-type image, and I’d like to crop those images and combine them – when I crop one photo, it seems to hide or delete all the other layers I imported. How can I avoid that?

  12. Ausra

    Hi James,

    Here is a link to a great Photo Collage tutorial:

  13. Chris connelly

    Hi. I want to remove an object one one image and drop it into another
    Example is I have a coal fired gas fire and want to drop the log effect in to show my customers the difference

  14. Fredi Gertsch

    Hi there – sorry my poor english… I am a painter and I photograph my paintings. Often they are not in a correct rectangle. How can I correct this by cropping without loss any region of my painting? Thanks.

  15. Ausra

    @Fredi, you might want to use the Transform Tool to correct your image angle. Here is a video about it:

  16. Don Morris

    How do you crop to a specific size? Say I want a 640×250 slice: I can enter those as a custom constrain, but Pixelmator 2.1.1 allows me to drag a rectangle of any size constrained to that **ratio**.

  17. Ausra

    @Don, crop the image at the specific ratio, then use the Image > Image Size dialog to resize the image.

  18. Martin

    My wife does paintings. Once she’s finished, we photograph them. Naturally, the painting are on rectangular canvas however the photographs come out skew.
    Can pixelmator do free transform crop? I.e. position the four corners on a skewed rectangle and crop it out to a proper rectangle – I know Photoshop can do this.

  19. JerkyChew

    I’ve pasted a few images into a Pixelmator project, each with their own layer. When I crop one image, it deletes all the other layers except for that one and the background. Am I doing something wrong?

  20. Ausra

    Hi JerkyChew, could you email us the image you are working with to We’ll take it from there.

  21. Bill

    Having problem with crop tool — when I crop an image on one layer it crops all the other layers at the same time?

  22. Ausra

    Bill, that’s how Crop Tool works by a design. It crops an entire image. If you want to crop a part of a layer, you can use selection tools to select that part, and then press the Delete key to clear it.

  23. Wolfgang

    Hi, I love the constraint menu. Is there a way to have my own presets in there? I have regularly the same set of sizes to crop.

  24. Ausra

    @ Wolfgang, no you can’t add your own presets, but thanks for bringing it up, though!

  25. Murali

    Hi, I have a picture with an object and a white glow around it. I want to move this object with glow on a transparent background. Is it possible? Can anybody help me please!!!

  26. Ausra

    @Murali, it should be possible to move the object around with the Move Tool.

  27. Mike K

    agreed with Bruce– “first dark gray text on black background means you are not interested in users over 50 years old”

    Look I get you guy are “ARTISTES” but give it up with the small print and black background on tools and palettes. I have a newer 21.5 in iMac ant this program is a strain to use. Save you art school training for the actual images. Read the Apple UI guidelines. At lease give us a preference setting to make UI to our liking.

  28. Fan

    You should really have a way to crop/trim layers. It’s not sufficient to just delete pixels. Sometimes the exact size of individual elements matters (say, when designing interfaces), and unless you can trim a layer, you’ll get misleading dimensions in the info bar when you select them. In fact I’d suggest you auto-trim layers of extraneous transparent pixels after edits.

  29. Primoz

    Hi, I’m looking into Photoshop alternatives (I guess we are not only company doing this in these times). One of things I need is cropping with constrains, but not with both sides (height and width) set. Most of time I need to crop photo with for example 3000pix on one side, and other length of other side doesn’t matter, so photo can end up 3000x3000pix or 3000x100px (or anything between). With Photoshop I could just put 3000pix on width and leave height empty (or vice versa). With Pixelmator, I don’t see this would work, since both boxes require some input and can’t be left empty. Am I missing something, and this could be done, or there’s no option for this?

  30. Konrad

    When I use the crop tool to crop an image to (for instance) 400x400px by using Constrain > Custom > 400 / 400, it crops it using this ratio, but it doesn’t actually resize it to that size. Instead I have to do this as a separate action whereas when I used to do this in Photoshop it would do this automatically.

    Am I missing something? Or is there a workaround for this?

    Apart from that much praise for Pixelmator – great job!

  31. Andrius (Pixelmator Team)

    Konrad, firstly, thanks a lot for the kind words! Secondly, the Constrain option for the Crop Tool lets you set a ratio, but not a size for the cropping box. For now, setting a size directly using the Crop Tool isn’t possible (although it’s something to keep in mind for the future), but you can use this as a workaround:

    1. Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool from the Tools palette and make a selection
    2. Control-click the selected area and choose Transform Selection…
    3. Deselect Constrain Proportions in the Tool Options bar just above your image
    4. Type in your desired size in the width and height fields in the Tool Options bar – you can type the size together with the unit – e.g. ‘400 px’
    5. Control-click the selected area and choose Crop…

  32. Mike

    Like a few people mention above, I can’t seem to crop one image while leaving other images (I’m trying to make a collage) and the overall canvas size in tact. There is a link above to a tutorial on photo collage that no longer exists/works.

    I’d like to take three photographs shot horizontally and crop them each vertically, then arrange them side by side. My issue is even when I make the canvas size large enough to fit all three, as soon as I crop one, everything else essentially disappears. An above comment mentioned using the “selection tool.” The only tool I see similar to that is the “quick selection tool,” which does not let me precisely choose the area I’d like to crop/delete from each photo.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Andrius (Pixelmator Team)

    The best tool for doing this is the Rectangular Marquee Tool – you’d need to make a rectangular selection of the layer you’d like to crop, then click Edit > Invert Selection and Edit > Clear. Crop is used for the entire image, while the selection tools (such as the Rectangular Marquee) would be used on layers.

  34. Mario

    Hi, I’m working with a project consisting of several layers. Whenever I crop part of one layer it seems that the whole project (all layers) get affected by it. Is this normal? I would like to just crop one layer. Thanks.

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