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Apply a Sepia Tone Effect to Your Images

Enhance the look and feel of your images by applying a Sepia Tone effect. The Sepia Tone effect creates a rich brown color tint that simulates a warm, almost antique feel in your pictures.

Layers, the Sepia Tone effect and the Gradient Tool are used in this tutorial.

Step 1

Open an image to which you would like to apply the Sepia Tone effect.

Step 2

Duplicate the background layer by choosing Edit > Duplicate and name the new layer “Sepia Tone.”

In the Effects Browser (View > Show Effects Browser), double-click the Sepia Tone thumbnail to apply the effect. Set 100% for Intensity and click OK.

Step 3

To brighten the image, change the Blending mode of the “Sepia Tone” layer to Screen in the Layers palette.

Step 4

To boost the overall look of the image, strengthen the brown color tint at the corners of the image. First, click the Add Button (+) in the Layers palette to add a new layer. Name the newly created layer “Gradient.”

Next, select a transparent and black radial gradient in the Gradients palette. If you need help with adjusting gradients, click here. Apply the gradient as shown in the image below.

Then, change the Blending mode of the “Gradient” layer to Overlay and you are done!