Hue and Saturation

Extremely powerful yet very simple to use, the Hue and Saturation color adjustment tool helps you easily boost your image colors.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Brian

    wow! that is pretty cool!!! This is so much easier than learning Photoshop Elements

  2. mark ivens

    hue and saturation were not under image drop menu
    just color adjustments

  3. Margaret

    Mark – go to view , click show effects in dropdown then click on hue from selection

  4. Oswald

    Hi Margaret:
    this is not true,
    you only get it with “cmd U”
    at least in the german version…

    I think this is a bug

  5. Oswald

    I´m so sorry: I have found it!

  6. David Porter

    I too can’t find the hue and saturation under the image drop down menu. I get it with “cmd U”, but I don’t see “show effects in dropdown.

  7. mike

    Unbelievable! That’s a great function!!!

  8. Ausra

    @David, with the Pixelmator 2.1 update the Image menu has been modified. You can view the color adjustment tools now in the Effects Browser. Simply select Image > Color Adjustments.

    And, here is a quick video tutorial about the Effects Browser:

  9. Faith

    I haven’t even started using this tool yet and I am already in love!

  10. mau lopez

    Fantastic, this is powerful ! I really like power with simplicity in usability. Great !

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