Colorize Images

Add a color tint to an image to greatly improve its impact or even change its mood and feel completely.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Glenn

    I purchased Pixelmator a few months back to avoid the bloat of Photoshop, and to have a fast responsive image editor, its the best software i have ever owned its just as powerful as Photoshop (small learning curve required) the more i use it the more it amazes me, for the price i don’t know how you are able to bring out updates let alone buy a cup of coffee (-;

  2. mike whatley

    Despite it’s small “app” feel Pixelmator is a work of art. (And I’m not an artist). Simply magnificent. The Verbal pace (and I am a training instructor) is just fine. Don’t water down the training for those that need to watch the lesson more than once. (Sometimes we need to watch a module more than once to “get it”)

  3. byron cruz

    i like pixelmator.

  4. Chance Barr

    Pixlemator helps me make pictures for school projects, thanks to whoever invented Pixlemator.

  5. joel

    what is the best way to change the color on individual portions of a photo

  6. Ausra

    @joel, you can either use the Replace Color Tool, or use the selection tools to select an area, and then use the Colorize Tool.

  7. Ted

    I’m liking Pixelmater more all the time. These tutorials are very helpful. Q: why can’t I drag the “colorize effect” onto the image. No can do. Please help. I’ve got version 2.1.1

  8. Ausra

    @Ted, have you looked at layers? Maybe it’s a shape or text layer you are trying apply the effect to.

  9. NixyPixels

    This was awesome and clear! Thank you!

  10. Tomas

    Hi, can I somehow select specific color to colorize the picture with? RGB/Hex field to write the parameters in? Color wheel is too random for me…Thanks for any answers/tips!

  11. super mario run ios

    The storyline is much more fascinating (it characteristics the exact same super cool cinema screens, as well), the graphics are much better, the difficulty is a tad a lot more
    forgiving… even the memorable music is much better.

  12. Concepció Turró

    Existe la versión en Español

  13. Concepció Turró

    existe la versión con idioma español

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