November 26, 2019

Black Friday 2019 — special offers on Pixelmator apps (sale ended)

Black Friday, which usually marks the start of the winter holiday and gift-giving season, is fast approaching and we thought we’d join the fun with two fantastic offers.

Black Friday Offers

Pixelmator Pro


Offer Ended

Pixelmator Photo


Offer Ended

Starting today, you can get the amazing Pixelmator Pro for 25% off. This discount will be available for a week, until December 3rd. In addition, Pixelmator Photo, our incredible photo editor for iPad, is completely free for 24 hours until 9am ET, November 27th. Spread the word!

November 14, 2019

Pixelmator 3.9 Classic now available

Did you know the original Pixelmator turned 12 years old a couple of months ago? Crazy! The fact that lots of people still love and use the app every day is a real testament to its quality. While Pixelmator Pro is its successor (Pixelmator 2, if you will), we’re planning to support the original Pixelmator for a while longer. And today, we’ve released Pixelmator 3.9 (codenamed Classic) with macOS Catalina support, including support for Sidecar and Apple Pencil.

macOS Catalina


Apple Pencil

Along with some optimizations for macOS Catalina and a few fixes, we’ve also added support for Sidecar, so you can extend your Pixelmator workspace using your iPad as a second display. And with support for Apple Pencil, you can paint, retouch, and illustrate with ultimate precision!

This free update is out now on the Mac App Store, so head on down there and make sure you’re all up to date.

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October 25, 2019

CMYK proofing comes to Pixelmator Pro

Good news, everyone! We’ve just shipped a smaller Pixelmator Pro update with a big new feature called Soft Proof Colors. This one’s for all you print designers out there.

CMYK Proofing

Soft proofing lets you see what an image would look like when reproduced on a different output device — for example on a different monitor or when printed. And for most Pixelmator Pro users, the most important thing is being able to soft proof images with CMYK color profiles when working on designs that will be printed. As Pixelmator Pro already had the ability to convert to CMYK when exporting, with soft proofing, it becomes an even more powerful image editor for those of you creating designs for print.

A few days ago, we also started the Pixelmator Pro Upgrade Sale to encourage any original Pixelmator users to give Pixelmator Pro a chance and it’s been a great couple of days in many different ways! More on that later, but the sale ends on Tuesday, October 29th, so you have a few more days to take advantage of it — it really is a fantastic offer.

While we get back to working on Pixelmator Pro 2.0 (oh yes, we’ve already started and it’s going to be an amazing free upgrade), feel free to check out the full release notes for this update by visiting our What’s New page or just go ahead and view Pixelmator Pro 1.5.1 on the Mac App Store.

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October 22, 2019

Pixelmator Pro is on sale for 50% off (sale ended)

We’ve said (quite a few times now) that Pixelmator Pro is Pixelmator v2 and the future of Pixelmator. It’s not a more ‘pro-oriented’ app — it’s pro image editing for everyone.

And we think Pixelmator Pro is an incredible app that every user of the original Pixelmator would absolutely love using. That’s one of the reasons why we recently created the upgrade bundle on the Mac App Store and an upgrade page comparing the two apps. Though for those of you who bought Pixelmator on sale (and quite a few did), the discount was very small or, in certain regions, there was no discount at all.

For that reason, today, we’re starting a limited-time upgrade sale letting everyone get Pixelmator Pro for just $19.99. This is much lower than our usual sale price, so you’d be crazy not to take advantage of it!

Edit: The sale has now ended and Pixelmator Pro is back to its usual price of $39.99.

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October 10, 2019

Pixelmator Pro 1.5 Avalon now available

Pixelmator Pro just got an awesome major update! Version 1.5 (codenamed Avalon) brings full support for macOS Catalina, the upcoming Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, introduces intelligent, machine-learning powered noise removal, big performance improvements, and a whole lot more. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve added.

macOS Catalina Support

Pixelmator Pro is now fully compatible with macOS Catalina, including support for Sidecar and Apple Pencil, which means you can extend your desktop workspace using your iPad as a second Mac display! And with Apple Pencil support, you can paint, sketch, create graphic designs, and retouch your photos with pressure-sensitivity, acceleration, and tilt support as well as support for the double-tap gesture. Plus, as Pixelmator Pro fully supports Touch Bar, handy controls appear at the bottom of your iPad when using Sidecar — even if your Mac doesn’t have a Touch Bar.

Mac Pro

Thanks to its Metal-based architecture and GPU-powered editing engine, Pixelmator Pro absolutely flies on the upcoming Mac Pro. We’ve been able to optimize multi-GPU support so that with multiple graphics processors in Mac Pro, you’ll see big performance boosts in Pixelmator Pro. And performance increases even more with each additional GPU. For example, Pixelmator Pro applies the new Core ML-powered ML Denoise up to 2.5x faster and effects up to 2x faster on Mac Pro with 2 GPUs compared to iMac Pro.

EDR Mode

We’ve also added support for the upcoming Pro Display XDR. The display’s true 10-bit color depth and P3 wide color gamut are natively supported in Pixelmator Pro. And the new Extended Dynamic Range Mode lets you display clipped details in RAW photos. To do this, we use the display’s 1600-nit peak brightness to bring out details in the highlights without compressing the dynamic range of the rest of the photo, bringing a never-before-possible RAW editing and viewing experience.

ML Denoise

ML Denoise is an amazing machine learning-powered noise removal tool. Integrated via Core ML, ML Denoise effortlessly removes luminance and color noise created by cameras in low-light photos. What’s more, it can even reduce artifacts caused by image compression algorithms, improving image quality while preserving important details!

Performance Improvements

Pixelmator Pro now has an end-to-end Metal pipeline for rendering and editing and a new asynchronous zoom engine, which brings some big performance improvements. Zooming and scrolling is now at least 10x faster and always responsive, effects are up to 2.7x faster, and painting is up to 2.4x faster!

SF Symbols

SF Symbols, the new set of over 1,500 configurable vector icons designed by Apple, is fully supported in Pixelmator Pro. So you can easily open SF Symbols templates, customize them to create your own symbols, and even drag and drop symbols right into existing documents!

Download Now

This fantastic fifth major update to Pixelmator Pro is free for all existing users, so download it, try it, and let us know how we did. As you might guess, we’re already working on some more really incredible additions to Pixelmator Pro and we can’t wait to share them with you. Until next time!

October 1, 2019

First major Pixelmator Photo update out now

The Pixelmator Photo 1.1 major update is here! And it really is a big one. We’ve added full compatibility with iPadOS 13, full-featured batch editing, an all-new and improved workflow, export resizing, and some smaller improvements and fixes.

iPadOS 13

Everything seems really cool in its own right so it’s difficult to pick just one headline feature but let’s start with iPadOS. iPad OS 13 support is a very big part of this update and with our Files-based design, you can now take full advantage of support for external drives and new external locations.

Batch Editing

Batch editing is huge! We’ve brought a really full-featured batch editing experience to iPad that’s, let’s face it, even better than what we currently have on the Mac with Pixelmator Pro. A lot of that is down to Pixelmator Photo being a dedicated photo editor, of course, but it’s amazing to see all the incredible machine learning features now being available for batch editing on iPad.

All-New Workflow

The one new feature that might not be as flashy but will directly affect every single current and future Pixelmator Photo user is the all-new workflow and direct integration with your iCloud Photos library. Gone are the days of having to import photos and manage separate Pixelmator Photo files, everything is now simple and intuitive.If you’re editing in your Photos library, edits are automatically saved to the same images you open. Nondestructive edits are preserved too! And if you’re editing in Files, Pixelmator Photo does some magic to save changes back to the same image while preserving nondestructive edits in a linked file.

Export Sizes

Finally, we’ve also added the ability to export images at different sizes, which is a nice little extra that we found time to squeeze in between all the other huge things and foundational changes to Pixelmator Photo.

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We really hope you’ll enjoy the update and we can’t wait to surprise you with more awesomeness in the future. Until next time!

September 26, 2019

Announcing the Pixelmator Pro Upgrade Program

The time has come. It’s time for us to give all of you still using the original Pixelmator a friendly nudge to check out Pixelmator Pro, the successor to the image editor you know and love. And to do that, we’ve created a special Upgrade page outlining all the goodness of Pixelmator Pro.

The new page includes an extremely in-depth comparison of the two apps, some FAQs about the upgrade, and a little roadmap that even existing Pixelmator Pro users will find very interesting. Naturally, there’s an upgrade discount of up to 50% for all of you who purchased the original Pixelmator from the Mac App Store.

If you think it took us a while to get this page together, you’d definitely be right. But, to be honest, we’ve just been focusing like crazy on Pixelmator Pro itself and making the app as good as it can be. When (nearly two years ago now) we launched Pixelmator Pro, its average worldwide rating was stuck at 3.7 for about a year and that told us there was a whole bunch of things, large and small, that need to be improved. So we focused on doing just that. With lots of free updates (27 and counting) since then, we’re incredibly proud to see the app now rated 4.7 worldwide with over 4,000 ratings and over 3,300 five-star ratings. And we’re also incredibly proud of the Mac App of the Year award it received from Apple as well.

What’s more, when Pixelmator Pro launched, app bundles (and, by extension, upgrade bundles) were not yet available on the Mac App Store. So, now that we can provide an upgrade discount, we think it’s a great time to give you existing Pixelmator users a handy page to answer all the questions you might have about upgrading to Pixelmator Pro and some more information on the app itself.

Visit the new Upgrade to Pixelmator Pro page to see why so many people have already made the switch. And if you have any other questions, we’re always here to answer them either in the comments or via email at

September 20, 2019

Pixelmator Pro 1.5 beta out now

A few months ago, WWDC 2019 bought some really incredible Mac software and hardware announcements. A brand new, ultra-powerful Mac Pro, the stunning Pro Display XDR, and of course the awesome software news with macOS Catalina and all its new features.

Now, after several months of hard work, we’re almost ready to release a major update to Pixelmator Pro, adding support for all this. And today, we excited to share a public beta version of Pixelmator Pro 1.5 (codenamed Avalon) so you can test it out before the update hits the Mac App Store.

In our blog post after WWDC, we focused mostly on Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, and Sidecar, but this update has a whole lot more than that. For example, there’s ML Denoise, which removes noise from photos while intelligently preserving details using, you guessed it, advanced machine learning! What’s more, ML Denoise can even remove JPEG compression artifacts. There’s also some major performance improvements, including a completely redesigned and always responsive zoom engine, painting tool improvements, and faster effect rendering. We’ve even squeezed in full support for SF Symbols!

This is going to be another awesome update and if you’d like to get an early look at it before everyone else, all you need to do is sign up for our public beta. Feedback is always welcome at!

Join Beta

September 11, 2019

Pixelmator Photo 1.1 public beta now available

Exciting news incoming! Pixelmator Photo 1.1 is close to being finished and is shaping up to be a really fantastic first major update, bringing batch editing, an all-new editing workflow, and a whole lot more.

We know library and file management workflows are incredibly important to pretty much every photographer out there, so that’s been our primary focus with Pixelmator Photo 1.1. Thanks to the all-new workflow, you can now enjoy a completely Photos-centric editing and file management experience without having to import photos into Pixelmator Photo. That means no more of those pesky duplicate files cluttering up your iPad. And you can even revert or delete photos in your library right from Pixelmator Photo.

Naturally, for every previously edited photo that you open, you’ll still be able to find your previous edits as we’ll automatically save and link them to the images in your Photos library. What’s more, if you prefer editing images in the Files app, this new workflow magically links edits to images in Files, too.

And you want to know something crazy? That’s probably not even the biggest new feature in this update. We’ve also added seriously powerful, machine learning-powered batch editing — we think you’re going to love it and we’ll tell you a little more about that later.

We’ve really enjoyed hearing your feedback in our previous betas so we’re opening up 300 extra spots for this update. If you’d like to help us out, sign up using TestFlight below. For the rest of you, it shouldn’t be too long before you can get your hands on this incredible update!

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July 23, 2019

Pixelmator Pro updated with incredible new Photos extension

It’s finally ready! The Pixelmator Pro editing extension for the Photos app is now available in Pixelmator Pro 1.4 Hummingbird, an amazing major update released today. The update also brings a new Zoom Tool, an improved Crop tool, and a wide range of additional new features and improvements. This is no ordinary update and no ordinary Photos extension.

Photos editing extension

Yes, the Pixelmator Pro editing extension is actually the entire, full-featured Pixelmator Pro app inside Photos. Every tool and feature is available, including RAW support, layer-based editing (of course), and even the ability to save layers and adjustments directly to your Photos library. Be sure to check out our quick guide to the editing extension.

Zoom and Crop tools

The brand new Zoom tool is a great addition to the Pixelmator Pro toolbox. It’s got a beautiful  navigator to help move around images while zoomed in and some handy commands. And the Crop tool has had a pretty drastic redesign, adding a new Delete mode, redesigned crop presets, and the ability to crop to custom sizes. The new Delete mode lets you permanently crop away unwanted image areas (while the Hide mode lets you nondestructively hide them beyond the canvas). We’ve put up a couple of quick tips about these new features on our Tips & Tricks page and you can find more info about them in our Help manual, too.

You’ll also notice the presets have been moved from the Presets bar into the Tool Options pane. We’ve done this to free up more space for editing — in fact, in this update, the Crop tool isn’t the only to have received a preset makeover, the Slice tool has also been refreshed, as have the Paint and Erase tools. And we’ll be doing the same for the remaining tools in future updates.

Other goodies

We’ve also included a wide range of additional improvements in this major update. For example, you can now insert layered files right into existing Pixelmator Pro documents — even using drag & drop! The template chooser now includes a range of image size templates for iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch devices. And we’ve even improved performance quite significantly for documents with many layers.

This major update is free for existing Pixelmator Pro users so simply open up the Mac App Store, update, and enjoy these wonderful additions!

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Upgrade discount

For all you users of the original Pixelmator, not too long ago, we created a Mac App Store bundle that can be used to purchase Pixelmator Pro with a discount. So if you’re thinking of finally grabbing a copy of Pixelmator Pro, now’s a great a time as any. You can find the upgrade bundle on the Mac App Store.