Creating a duotone effect

The duotone effect is a very striking and colorful effect inspired by a popular printmaking technique. The effect is achieved by recreating an image using just two colors — one for the dark parts of the image and one for the light ones. This usually emphasizes the midtones and highlights, drawing attention to the subjects in a photo. And the best part? Creating this effect couldn’t be simpler.

Step 1

Apply the False Color effect

In Pixelmator Pro, you can create a duotone effect using the False Color effect. Choose the Effects tool from the Tools sidebar or press the F key on your keyboard. Then click the Add button in the top right corner of the Tool Options pane and choose Color Adjustments > False Color.

Step 2

Choose your colors

Once you apply the False Color effect, choose the colors you’d like to use by clicking the color wells in the Tool Options pane and selecting new colors using the Colors window.

And that’s it! Creating the duotone effect in Pixelmator Pro couldn’t be easier.


The Black & White adjustment is a great way to refine the duotone look further. Using the Black & White adjustment, you can easily turn any dark color into a light one and vice versa while keeping the overall look of a photo natural. Simply choose the Color Adjustments tool and apply the Black & White adjustment to the same image.

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