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About shapes and vector graphics

The term drawing in image editing apps refers to creating or adding simple forms (such as triangles, ovals and so on) to the composition. We call those forms shapes. Shapes can be used to enhance your photos, create Web elements, icons, logos, posters, and much more. The reason why shapes are so popular is that they are vector-based image elements. This means that you can go back to the image element and adjust the changes you’ve made without losing any quality. You can also freely enlarge or reduce the shape’s size, and the quality will stay intact.

In Pixelmator Pro, there are smart shapes and custom shapes, and the Pen and Freeform Pen drawing tools to create your own shapes. If you can’t find the shape you need, you can easily reshape any of the pre-made shapes with easy-to-use controls. The look of a shape can also be easily changed using the Style tool.

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