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About adjusting colors

Color adjustments are used to change the color, lighting, and contrast in images. Pixelmator Pro includes a wide range of adjustments that let you adjust these properties in a variety of different ways. For example, you can change the overall brightness and contrast of an image, make it look warmer or cooler, or adjust specific colors. You can also take advantage of the machine learning-powered tools to fine-tune the colors of an image automatically using ML Enhance, or use ML Match Colors to match image colors to the colors of any other image.

Each adjustment contains individual parameters, for which you can specify a range of values. Use adjustment controls such as sliders or wheels to change the parameter values.

The color adjustments in Pixelmator Pro are nondestructive, which means the original image and all the settings for the adjustment are always preserved. This lets you adjust and undo those changes whenever you like, even after closing and reopening documents. Pixelmator Pro also includes presets that you can use to easily save any combination of adjustments, reuse them in any of your images, and even share with others.

Color adjustments can be applied to entire images or selections. However, if you apply an adjustment to a selection, it will be applied destructively (merged together with the image). To apply an adjustment to a selection, duplicate the layer, and create a mask from your selection.

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