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Pixelmator Pro 1.8 Lynx brings support for AppleScript, the ability to type text on paths and shapes, makes it possible to freely rotate the canvas to any angle, includes a friendly new welcome screen, and improves ML Super Resolution.

Automation with AppleScript

You can now automate simple repetitive tasks or build complex workflows in Pixelmator Pro using the AppleScript, the powerful and easy to use Mac scripting language.

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Text on a Path

Type text on a path, in a circle, or add it to any shape. There are three new tools grouped together with the regular type tool — Circular Type, Path Type, and the Freeform Type tools.

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Canvas Rotation

Freely rotate the image canvas to any angle. You can rotate the image using Multi-Touch gestures, mouse, or the canvas rotation controls.

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Welcome Screen

Use the friendly new welcome screen to more easily open images and create new ones.

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ML Super Resolution

The version 3 of ML Super Resolution brings quality improvements, a progress bar, and support for RAW images.

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