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Super Resolution

The Super Resolution tool harnesses the power and intelligence of machine learning to upscale photos while preserving and even recreating visually important details. Super Resolution algorithm is trained to analyze the patterns and textures in a photo instead of interpolating the values of pixels mathematically as done by the regular scaling algorithms.

To upscale a photo using Super Resolution:

  1. Open the photo you'd like to upscale.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • On iPhone or iPad, tap More in the toolbar and choose Super Resolution in the menu that appears. On Mac, choose Tools > Super Resolution from the Tools menu at the top of your screen.
    • Press Command ⌘ + U on your keyboard.

Tip: You can tap in the toolbar to compare the before and after results.

Super Resolution can upscale photos 1,5x, 2x, or 3x. The algorithm automatically chooses the most appropriate level of scaling depending on the original image size, its bit depth, and memory available on the device. For already large photos that don't need to be upscaled, Photomator will clear up different artifacts and camera noise to improve the photo quality.