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Pixelmator Photo settings

Using the settings available in the More menu, you can export and share photos, copy and paste adjustments from one photo to the other, choose photos for color matching, see the photo metadata, turn on or turn off various settings such as histograms or presets, and more.

Share and export photos

Using the Share and Export menus you can save, create copies of your photos, share them with friends, export them to other file formats, and more. Check out the Save, Share, and Export article to learn more about saving, sharing, and exporting photos.

Copy and paste adjustments

Copy and Paste adjustments lets you copy a combination of adjustments settings from one photo to another. If you're looking to use the same combination of adjustments on multiple photos, though, you may want to create a color adjustment preset and apply it using Batch editing.

ML Match Colors

The machine-learning-powered ML Match Colors feature lets you automatically match colors of one photo to the colors of the other. Check out the ML Match Colors article to learn more about matching colors.

Show document info

Use Show Info to view the metadata embedded in your photo. Here, you can typically find all the basic information such as the name and type of the image, the time and date it was created or modified, size, dimensions, location, device, and device settings.

Change the app settings

Status bar: Turn on Status Bar to keep an eye on your device stats, or turn it off to work in the full-screen mode.

Auto-center canvas: Turn on Auto-center canvas to make sure your image always bounces back to the middle of your working area, or turn it off to move the image freely when editing.

Snapping: Turn on snapping to automatically snap the Crop tool bounding box to the edges of the image or turn snapping off to adjust it freely.

Histogram: Turn on Histogram to see useful information about the distribution of colors in an image, or in other words, its tonal range. When turned on, the color histogram will appear at the top of the Color Adjustments pane.

Presets: Turn on Presets to show the Color Adjustment presets, or turn it off to hide them.

Extended values: Turn on Extended Values if you’d like to extend the range of certain color adjustments beyond the default boundaries or turn it off to apply adjustments without the extended values.

Apple Pencil settings

Assign a double-tap gesture (2nd generation Apple Pencils only):

  1. Double-tap to undo or redo an action in Pixelmator Photo.
  2. Double-tap to activate the Repair Tool
  3. Double-tap to turn on the Split Preview.
Learn what's new in Pixelmator Photo

Here you'll find news about all the latest tools and features introduced to Pixelmator Photo. You can also visit our What's New page for more detailed release notes.

Pixelmator Photo help

Pixelmator Photo help guide is available online and in-app. Here is where you can learn more about the different tools and features in Pixelmator Photo, and find some useful tips.

Contact Pixelmator support

If you have any questions about using Pixelmator Photo or would like to share some feedback, tap Support to find out how to reach us or contact us at