Exporting Images

To share your images with others or use them in your other projects, you can export your image in a variety of file formats.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Vicente Letman

    It’s a appeased day to be able to read an article that is so clearly researching and written. I be fascinated very much enjoyed this knowledge content. Your layout is excellent. I will come back again.

  2. Steve Wilkinson

    What is the difference between the export under the ‘File’ menu and the Web export under ‘Share’ menu, especially for jpg or png? Thanks.

  3. Ausra

    Hi Steve,

    There is no difference between them.

  4. Shagshu

    I love the song background of this tutorial!
    I wonder where can I get this amazing background song?

  5. Joe

    I need more detail on the exporting. I need to be able to adjust to 1500 pixels wide, 72 dpi, save as 24-bit PNG. Can Pixelmator do these basics? thanks.

  6. Ausra

    @Joe. Sure, choose Image > Image Size to adjust the size, and choose Share > Export > PNG.

  7. SteveS

    Is there a way to batch export for web? I don’t see the option, nor do I see it available as an automator action. This feature would be very helpful.

  8. Rik

    When I import a 902 KB Photoshop PSD file into Pixelmator, make no changes at all, and then export it as a PSD file, the resulting exported file is over 7 MB in size!

    Is there any way to get these files smaller? The image is a really simple 3.5″ x 2″ image at 300 dpi with only one layer (it’s a business card).

  9. Ausra

    Hi Rik,

    That’s one of the issue we are currently dealing with. Sorry about any trouble it causes in a mean time.

  10. mlwalker

    Is there a way to export from the keyboard instead of clicking on the file menu?

  11. Ausra

    The shortcut to export images for web is Command-Shift-E, the Export feature doesn’t have a shortcut.

  12. Jeff

    Can you save image or support CMYK?

  13. Ausra

    Hi Jeff,

    Pixelmator doesn’t support CMYK color space.

  14. Daniel


    is it still possible, in the 2.0.4 version of Pixelmator, to export in eps2 format ?


  15. Ausra

    Hi Daniel,

    No, Pixelmator 2.0 doesn’t support EPS file format at this moment.

  16. Pete

    Is it possible to export for web with same quality what i see in Pixelmator?
    When i export files for web colors change and i can’t match objects on website.

  17. Ausra

    Hi Pete,

    If you export images for the web, images are optimized and color profile is removed. Therefore, colors do change.

  18. Gordon

    Seems like Save for the web should allow you to adjust your image size before you export. I don’t want to lose image data on a save for web export because I adjusted with Image Size.

  19. Ausra

    The image size, that is image dimensions, aren’t changed then you export images for web. However, you can control the image file size. Ensure you have the Quality adjustment set to 100% where it’s applicable. If you do not want to loose any of the image data, you’d be better off exporting images via Share > Export, rather than Share > Export for Web.

  20. Jonathan Robinson

    How does one batch export images? I need to export hundreds of large RAW files creatd by a time-lapse camera to JPEG’s for importing into Quicktime to create a time-lapse image sequence. Thank you.

  21. Brett

    What is the best format to export a bunch of photos in a email. I will be editing a number of photos and then sending in one email. What is the best way to do this.

  22. Ausra

    @Brett, JPG file format will be perfect for that!

  23. borutt

    When I export an image there is an evident loss in quality comparing to original file. Could you please revise and fix that? Thanks!

  24. Edc

    Hi, i’m running the trial version since yesterday. I’m discovering things.
    I’m surprised there is no dithering option for indexed mode (GIF, PNG indexed). It makes export to these format useless. 🙂
    The transparency setting doesn’t seem to change file size preview.
    And this page displays video below its location on Safari 6.0.4. Firefox displays it OK.

  25. Ioan

    hi, I’d like to export an image to several sizes at once (application icons have to be delivered in different sizes). I know I’ll have to manually take care of each one at some point but it would be nice if I could export to png in 4 different sizes at once.

  26. Roberto Ortega

    I have set my original file to 300 dpi and 2.25 x 3 inches, but when I export it, it seems like the image is larger than the original and with lower resolution. Can I export an image setting the size and resolution of the exported file?

  27. Nancy

    My client will buy Pixelmator, so how can I send him my Pixelmator file so he can see layers?

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