Auto Save

All changes are saved automatically in the background, so you can work without the distraction of having to remember to save.

Tutorial Comments

  1. Jac

    Stupid idea. This should be an optional feature at least. This simply destroys the original image if a mistake was made and not picked up by the time the user quits Pixelmator.

  2. Sheila

    Jac, i disagree. this is only for lion users. if you have lion, you also have “versions”, where you can go back and find that old version you liked better and restore it.

  3. darius

    You can disable the Auto Save feature as of version 2.0.3 by typing this command in the Terminal:

    defaults -currentHost write com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator “disableAutosave” -bool YES

  4. Bonifácio Lemos

    I also don’t like the autosave. It makes a mass on my photo library. Why don’t you guys add a checkbox on the app preferences to choose autosave or not? it would be very useful for all users!

  5. Martin

    Hi Bonifácio,

    You are able to turn off Auto Save in Pixelmator. Type the following line in the Terminal:

    defaults write com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator disableAutosave -bool yes

  6. Thomas Knull

    Frustrated with the save changes once I moved to ML. Specifically…

    1) Occasionally the filename changes to “untitled”… forcing me to go back and rename it to the original name. I am thinking this appears to be confined to those instances where it used to ask for permission to modify a file that has not changed in a long time (I no longer see this dialog box). And these “untitled” files get saved automatically to the cloud, even if i didnt tell it to.

    2) What happened to Vibrance tool in new version?

  7. Alan

    As a beginner,I’m just interested in the method that shows in the video.Could anyone tell me how to do that?

    thanks a lot.

  8. Tom

    Hey, I’ve downloaded the free trial of Pixelmator and have tried to disable autosave. However, despite trying BOTH the AppleScript download which allows users to toggle auto save AND trying the Terminal command, I have been unable to turn off autosave successfully in any of my tests.

    Is this a problem just with the trial, or has anyone else run into this issue?

  9. Ausra


    Try updating your OS X to 10.7.5 and then use the Terminal line to disable Auto Save.

  10. Harmus

    This is a terrible feature because there’s no checkbox for it. Whoever gave the writers the idea that everybody wants this? It destroys some of my images. I have turned off autosave and versions in Mountain Lion, Pixelmator is the only app ignoring my preference. I had to go here to find out about turning it off using the terminal. Please create a checkbox.

  11. Charles Jenkins

    AutoSave makes it dangerous to use Pixelmator to open files located on servers or other disks which have file systems not designed for Versions. If you play with the image at all, you may overwrite the original without meaning to–and there are no versions to revert to.

    I believe Pixelmator should not support AutoSave at all, but if it’s going to, I beg the developers to include an option checkbox to turn the misfeature off.

  12. SeaMowse

    The autosave feature in Lion 10.7.5 has been a big mess for me since Pixelmator went to Blueberry. I use the ‘save version’ feature all the time in Pixelmator, but several times I get a message that pops up saying telling me: “The document ‘document name’ could not be autosaved. Your changes will not be saved until the problem is resolved’.

    After that, I’m unable to save any more versions or save the photo itself. I have to discard the image and do several other thing just to get back to the original document which opens up as the last version saved. It’s very annoying and was never an issue in the past.

    Anybody else getting the same message as I am? I haven’t timed the frequency of the message, but it’s at least once or twice an hour, maybe even more. I’m saving versions of my work every 5 minutes or so as a result, which is just crazy.

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