Pixelmator Distort Extension

Pixelmator Distort Extension features a collection of powerful Distort tools, so you can retouch photos, create artistic effects, or simply have fun with your images right inside your Photos app. Built from the ground up on Metal, Pixelmator Distort Extension lets you reshape images with stunning quality and incredible speed.

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  • Warp

    Push areas of an image in any direction you want.

  • Bump

    Use the Bump tool to bloat areas of your image.

  • Pinch

    Squeeze an area towards the center of your brush.

  • Twirl Right

    Rotate an area of your image to the right.

  • Twirl Left

    Rotate an area of your image to the left.

  • Restore

    Reduce or undo the distorts you’ve made in precise areas.


Incredibly aware of the latest Mac features and technologies.

  • Powered by Metal

    Pixelmator Distort Extension is based on Metal — a powerful and fast graphics processing technology that gives amazing quality and speed.

  • Built with Swift 2

    Pixelmator Distort Extension is built from the ground up on Swift 2 — Apple’s new programming language for next-generation apps.

  • Force Touch Support

    Force Touch trackpad support lets you instantly adjust the strength of a distort tool just by varying the pressure you are applying onto the trackpad.


Remarkable attention to detail. Everywhere.

  • Native to Photos

    Pixelmator Distort Extension features an instantly familiar Photos interface and feels just like at home.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Quickly switch between tools, adjust the brush size, and do more with standard keyboard shortcuts.

  • Trackpad Gestures

    Use Multi-Touch trackpad gestures to intuitively warp, bump, pinch, and twist areas of your image.

  • Safe Editing

    Freely experiment with your images and reduce, undo or revert the distorts you’ve made anytime you want.

  • Pen Tablet Support

    Use a pressure-sensitive tablet to instantly adjust the brush size of a Distort tool while distorting.