T-Shirt designs

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2012-12-18 23:03:29

is there good Pixelmator tutorial on how to create t-shirts? i have found ton for photoshop but none for pixelmator
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2013-08-10 20:07:45

Hi digitalqueenbb, do you mean a tutorial to create a t-shirt itself, or something to show off a t-shirt design i.e. a mockup of a t-shirt design?
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2013-08-10 21:22:45

If you mean how to print on iron t-shirt paper, the only trick is to use Transform -> Flip Horizontal to make a mirror image before printing, so that after transferring the image to the t-shirt with an iron, it will look straight.
To make the image you just use any pixlemator tool like brushes and shapes.
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2013-09-07 15:05:22

Hey Guys, we created a tutorial on how to showcase your designs on a t-shirt. Hopefully this is what you are looking for digitalqueenbb.

http://www.pixelmatortemplates.com/pixe ... -t-shirts/