CMYK PDF export?

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2022-05-19 10:12:07

This has probably been asked before (though I can't find the specific topic via a search), but can Pixelmator Pro export a document as a CMYK PDF?

I note that there is a 'CMYK Profiles' option in the PDF export process but it is greyed out.
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2022-05-19 11:01:12

Pixelmator has no real support for CMYK. It can only soft-proof using CMYK profiles (to preview how content would look in CMYK). But that is pretty much all.
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2022-05-19 13:10:19

Hey everyone, CMYK export is actually supported in Pixelmator Pro. Colin, you should be able to see at least the "Generic CMYK" color profile under CMYK Profiles. Are you unable to see this profile in the Image > Color Profile... menu, or in View > Soft Proof Colors, either? What macOS version are you running?
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2022-05-19 14:54:41

Thanks. I had *assumed* that CMYK was an export option but can't get it to work.

I'm running Big Sur 11.6.4, and Pixelmator Pro 2.4.2

CMYK Profiles is greyed out in the View > Soft Colour Proofs menu, and is not listed at all in the Image > Colour Profile menu. It's also greyed out in the PDF export options.

Odd. Any ideas why?
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2022-05-20 14:09:16

Hello? Is there anybody there?
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2022-05-20 17:16:05

macOS Big Sur - that's about what I expected. I've dealt with similar issues in the past, and in all cases, this was an issue with macOS 11.6 (You can confirm this is a macOS issue by checking whether the Generic CMYK color profile appears normally in native macOS apps like Preview). Could you try updating to the newest version of macOS Big Sur, 11.6.6? It's possible Apple fixed this issue there, as I see this update was just released four days ago. Otherwise, updating to macOS 12 should fix this for you.
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2022-05-20 17:58:12

OK, thanks. I shall look into that.
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2022-05-20 19:41:53

Yup. Updating to 11.6.6 has sorted it, and I now have generic CMYK and Freeway 3 CMYK options. Thanks for the pointer.
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2022-05-23 14:59:09

Awesome! :raised_hands:
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2022-05-23 15:02:52

Is there a fuller description of what the generic CMYK and Freeway 3 CMYK options include? For example, do they embed fonts, or should fonts be outlined? Which is the better option if sending artwork to a professional print company?

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2022-05-24 17:43:36

I'm not familiar with the Freeway 3 CMYK color profile, but the Generic CMYK profile is a native macOS profile that should be universal enough for most prints. However, most print companies have specific color profiles they use, so I'd actually suggest to get in touch with your print company and ask about the color profile they're using and whether they can share it with you.
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2022-05-24 20:06:22

OK, thanks.