Change Hair Color

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2020-12-16 07:01:18

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Hi. Iā€™m an amateur and I need help with change color of hair. As you can see there are some natural hair under the wig. I want to color it on same as like wig. Could you please tell me how to do it because after my attempts it looks so unnatural.
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2020-12-16 08:20:40

Hey Piotr! I'm not sure if it's the best way to do it but I think a combination of a softened selection and the Color Balance adjustment could probably work here.

What you'd need to do first is select the section of the hair you'll be editing. You can use any of the selection tools for this ā€” the selection doesn't have to be perfect. Once you've made a selection, choose Refine in the Tool Options pane to soften its edges (~80% softness should do the trick). Finally, select the Color Adjustments (A) tool and match the hair color using the Color Balance adjustment. And that's about it! In case you need to go even more precise with the coloring, you could also try adding a layer mask to the workflow.
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2020-12-16 09:12:50

I will try with these tips. Thanks a lot šŸ˜
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2020-12-18 15:57:41

Happy to help.