Pixelated Graphics While Working With SVG

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2020-01-14 01:17:55

Hey all, I've decided to give Pixelmator Pro a shot. While I know it's not supposed to be a complete replacement for applications like Adobe Illustrator, I'm impressed with the features I've seen so far. However, something that makes it pretty much impossible for me to work with altogether (for vector graphics) is the pixelation that occurs if you are zoomed in more than the SVG document size (which I do a ton). Not sure if this is something that just the 15 day trial does or if it's a bug for me specifically. Can I can fix this with a setting or if not, will it be addressed soon in a future update? Thanks.
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2020-01-14 16:35:55

Hey Luke, because Pixelmator is a raster-based image editor, you're always going to see visible pixels, even working with vector tools — the idea behind that is the output is always (or almost always) going to be pixel-based, so the image is displayed exactly how it would appear if it were exported to a raster format. The only workaround I can suggest is to increase the size of the image. If you're exporting to SVG, I guess the pixel size of the image shouldn't matter too much?

It's unlikely that we'll change this in Pixelmator Pro as it will remain a raster editor and this is the way this works across all image editors of this kind. We're not currently working on it, but if a Vectormator were ever to be released, it would almost certainly have the ability to switch between a vector view and a pixel preview.
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2020-01-14 18:11:42

Makes sense. I will stay tuned for future updates on this. Appreciate your response and time.
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2020-01-15 08:36:39

No problem, happy to shed some light on the topic!