Very clumsy cloning tool

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2019-11-02 21:20:32

I have a colleague who sits here swearing about the cloning tool in Pixelmator Pro! And I completely understand her. When you set the origin, you get a big black "dirty" spot which is VERY BIG! Let's say you want to set the origin VERY close to where you want to clone. How do you solve that? That terrible black thing is in the way! What does my colleague have to do every time she wants to clone? She has the export the image, open it in Photoshop, clone and then return to Pixelmator Pro. I must say, I have seen this in action and it is terrible. Look at Photoshop and do it their way (put a + instead of that big black spot)! This is urgent. While waiting for the update, is there any efficient nerve medicine she can use?
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2019-11-02 21:29:25

No she has to stay with her difficult feelings 🙆🏽‍♂️
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2019-11-02 21:40:14

Interesting comment from a company that wants to be best.
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2019-11-02 22:38:06

Our department have now discussed this impolite answer from Pixelmator Pro and are now considering leaving your company and get Affinity Photo instead. Maybe you should hand this problem over to a person who should be somewhat more qualified. The stiff upper lip from "ResLes" is very unsuitable in a company lite yours. Hopefully "ResLes" is not a member of your company at all. I still recommend that you look into both Affinity Photo and Photoshop to see how well they have solved the cloning tools.
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2019-11-03 03:41:46

I am just a user. I feel really sad that you think that the answer you got was from Pixelmator. Sorry for hurting your feelings. All I wanted to say is that pills are not the answer because some stuff isn’t going the way you have expected!
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2019-11-03 20:32:52

Dear ResLes!

You are a fine and well-meaning person and I forgive you with my heart!

Also, Pixelmator Pro is best and if the company changed the clone toll, it would be 100%. Now it is 99%!

Take care!
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2019-11-03 21:40:06

Thanks, for understanding.

I have to admit the clone tool is a bit chunky. It could be fine tuned. By making the lines smaller and give the user the ability to fixate it or navigate it like the user wants. I haven’t used it much but that is what I can remember when I used it. I was not so happy with it... hopefully before 2.0 or after it that could be modified.

Have a great day
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2019-11-10 05:14:27

Yes, the Clone tool’s widget is often getting in my way, as well. I’m often painting near where I need to draw color. ( Perhaps a checkbox to turn it off? ). Cheers, gang.
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2019-11-11 10:02:33

by Teelar Yes, the Clone tool’s widget is often getting in my way, as well. I’m often painting near where I need to draw color. ( Perhaps a checkbox to turn it off? ). Cheers, gang.
For sure, a checkbox to disable the clone source marker should make it into one of the next few updates.
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2019-11-13 18:20:55

What great news, Andrius! I will be looking forward to that update! When it arrives, I won't have to jump from one photo editor to the next just to fix my cloning jobs! I want to stay where I feel comfortable and efficient in all other workflows, namely in Pixelmator Pro.