Using a template from creative marketing

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2019-08-03 19:07:46

I have both versions of pixelmator

I bought a template from creative marketing that consists of many layers. (prob for photoshop)
It consists of apple products. The one I want to use is a generic iPhone.

All good except that I want the black version and only seem to ber able to get the white framed one up!

Can anyone help me! ?
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2019-08-04 18:58:14

Hi Figory.
I'm not familiar with the template. Can you post a screenshot that shows the problem?
- Stef.
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2019-08-04 19:53:16


Could I send you the file so you could look?

Its a large zip file
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2019-08-05 16:27:33

I'm sorry I'm not comfortable with that. Not right up front anyhow.

If you're happy to take screen grabs and explain the problem, the offer of help is still there.

- Stef.
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2019-08-05 16:31:22


I understand

Does this work?
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2019-08-06 20:29:48

The image isn't showing. Let me cut and paste the url into a new reply and see if it works:
(edit): OK. So now I can see the image that you pasted. It looks like a view of some of the layers involed in the image. Can you show the image itself and describe how you would like it to be different?
(Tip: to take a screenshot of a window, use Shift-Cmd-4 then tap the space bar - you can then click on a window and save a screenshot to your desktop)
- Stef.