Reproducing the "Scanner" effect from Pixelmator in Pixelmator Pro?

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2019-02-01 12:32:45

Hi there,

I recently switched over to Pixelmator Pro because I need to do some batch processing of hundreds of photos for a game I'm working on, and found the Automator functionality in Pixelmator Pro much more robust, since you can make Color Adjustment presets and Effects Presets and have Automator do all the busy work for you.

That said, one of the Effects I was using in Pixelmator I haven't found in Pixelmator Pro - "Scanner"

Does anyone know how to reproduce this Effect in Pixelmator Pro? If you are unfamiliar with this effect, it takes an image that looks like this:


and turns it into something that looks like this:


You can set the proximity/size of the "scanlines", as well as the colour and "glow".

On its own it doesn't look like much but I've been layering this scanner effect on existing compositions for my game project and it looks like this:


So is it actually buried somewhere within Pixelmator Pro under a different name and I just couldn't find it?

Thanks for your help.
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2019-02-04 16:29:35

That's a great use of the Scanner effect! Pixelmator Pro doesn't have it (at least not yet) due to some difficulties in bringing Quartz Composer effects over nondestructively. However, I have a feeling you should be able to get the same effect by using a 'scanner' texture as an Image fill effect with a Vivid Light blending mode selected. Here's a quick attempt at emulating that effect:

Basically, I applied the Scanner effect to a blank image in the original Pixelmator (then colored it grey by filling it with the color black using the Overlay blending mode) and, in Pixelmator Pro, used this image as part of an Image fill effect using the Vivid Light blending mode and somewhat adjusting the opacity. Without having your original images, it's difficult for me to tell how close I'm getting, but maybe these techniques will give you some ideas about what you could do.

Hope that helps!