[Tutorial] How to use layer masks and clipping masks

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2019-01-23 13:27:35

In image editing, masks nondestructively hide parts of layers. There are lots of different uses for masks and they are an incredibly flexible and powerful image editing tool. For example, in photo editing, you might use masks to combine parts of different photos into one. In graphic design, you might use clipping masks to fit an image within a container. And, in illustrations, you might use masks to fill layers with textures. Let’s check out how masks work and how to use them.


Read the full tutorial here.
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2019-02-14 06:42:52

Hello everyone! I have to say I’m a massive fan on Pixelmator Pro but I’m finding the lack of information about clipping masks to be infuriating. PS has a million different articles about the same process yet your lucky to find anything similar for Pixelmator? I would love to see more diagrams of how a mask effects objects Created in PP, since I create images for animations and not remotely interested in editing photo’s. I’ve been struggling to get the mask to work reliably, sometimes it seems to work other times it won’t? I have created a model made up of many layers and would like to paint it like I would a real model in the real world? If I apply paint to a model I don’t want paint anywhere else but on the model nor do I want the stroke used to be drowned out with paint? If anyone could help I’d really appreciate it since it would save going through every layer and painting them individually.

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2019-02-14 14:41:03

Hey Casey, we're doing our best to create as much content about Pixelmator Pro as we can but we can do better and we've got some plans to ramp things up in this area in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, could you share some examples of the file you're working on and what isn't working as expected? I'll do my absolute best to give you some pointers on how you should do things in Pixelmator Pro!