[Tutorial] Batch process images with Pixelmator Pro

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2018-10-19 16:11:01

With Pixelmator Pro 1.2 Quicksilver, you can now batch process your images using five powerful actions for the Automator app. These actions let you easily automate repetitive tasks by creating complex workflows, greatly speeding up editing your images.


Read the full tutorial here.
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2018-10-31 07:57:15

The only missing thing for me is How to create workflow from scratch - not using ready Pixelmator Pro ones. i.e. how to batch change proportionally image size to width=750px and add to filename -www750 suffix. Any idea?
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2018-11-05 12:17:26

For that, you'd need to use a few built-in actions. I'm assuming you don't need the resize the PXD file, but rather an image file. So your workflow would look something like this:

Finder Copy Finder Items Action --> Pixelmator Pro Change Type of Images action (PXD to PNG, for example) --> Preview Scale Images action --> Finder Rename Finder Items action.
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2018-11-10 18:29:11

For some reason the output is always .pxd. Even if in the chain I insert a "Change Type of Images" block. Trying to batch color correct and convert a bunch of RAW images.
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2018-11-13 08:18:57

It's working as far as we and other users have tested, but you could've uncovered a bug of some kind — could you shoot us an email at support@pixelmator.com about this? It would be best if you could also share the workflow file as well.
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2018-12-06 21:16:41

Hello! I have two questions about batch processing images with Pixelmator Pro.

- Can I automate image rotation task?
- Can editing image resolution be automated? For example,
I want to change image resolution from 300 dpi to 72 dpi.
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2018-12-07 11:02:36

That's not currently possible, but it certainly shouldn't be difficult to add actions for this as well — just out of interest, what kind of things would you use these for? Only asking so that we could get a better idea about how best to implement this.
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2018-12-08 16:16:56

Thanks Andrius for your response, I need to process a several pictures to include on a report (PDF).

- When I take the pictures, I hold the camera in vertical position, but the result file looks landscape.
Therefore, I need to correct this by rotating.

- We keep a high resolution (300 dpi) version of each picture for our archive, and we include in the PDF report
lower resolution (72 dpi) copies.

In brief, it is a repetitive task that I would like to batch process. At my office, I have access to Adobe's software, so I use "actions."
At home, I would like to use something else for this and personal projects, and I am considering Pixelmator!
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2018-12-10 09:39:51

Great, thanks for the explanation! We'll keep this in mind for future updates.