I apologize if this topic/issue has been resolved concerning noise reduction

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2018-09-16 03:01:53

I am looking for a way to reduce noise in a photo taken with my iPhone 6s as I do not have a Canon or Nikon. I just recently upgraded to Pixelmator Pro in hopes that I could possibly do some editing such as noise reduction from photos. Thanks for taking the time in reading this post and once again I am sorry if there has been a previous post in regards to noise reduction.

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2018-09-17 08:43:47

Hi Siltee,

One of the biggest issues, for the time being, is the fact that noise reduction filters are computationally rather expensive and could potentially slow down Pixelmator Pro — so non-destructively applying them would be a little tricky. However, we do have some ideas about how to get around this and definitely have a noise reduction feature in mind for the future.