Can't fill in a shape

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2018-09-15 18:29:23

New user - For starters, I want to fill in a shape such as a rectangle or circle with a given color. I have drawn the shape, selected a color, and when I position the paint bucket over the shape. I just get a beep sound without filling in the color.
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2018-09-15 19:17:24


I can understand your confusion. The Color Fill tool is for filling areas in bitmap layers, not shapes. Shapes are vector objects that can be losslessly resized and so are treated a little differently.

For a Shape, you can set the colour of the fill or stroke in the Shape tool itself when you draw it or any time thereafter using the Style tool. In Pixelmator Pro this is the top tool in the tools panel. (And just in case you're using Pixelmator not Pixelmator Pro (they are two different products), the Style pallette can be shown/hidden using ⌘8).

Although I can't find a video specifically about shapes, I still recommend a browse of the Pixelmator Pro videos here (they're pretty good): viewforum.php?f=18

Hope this helps. If you get stuck with anything else, just post back. I'll be in and out of the community forums over the weekend and am happy to help when I can (unless it gets too complex in which case I leave it to the Pixelmator staff to sort out).

- Stef
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2018-09-17 01:10:55

Thanks - I really appreciate your feedback.