Why is Pixelmator Pro using up so much of my SSD?

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2018-09-11 01:01:04

I've just found out that Pixelmator Pro uses 74 gigabytes of my 256-gigabyte SSD. Is it possible to store these on an external hard drive? Thanks in advance!
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2018-09-16 10:30:41

The app itself takes up a little over 200MB. I am assuming you are thinking about the documents you have created with Pixelmator Pro? You can actually move both the app and the documents to an external drive if you would wish to or just the documents. Note though that you might lose functionality like versions.
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2018-09-25 03:03:12

How exactly do I save my documents to an external hard drive? Thanks in advance!
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2018-09-25 17:45:09

Hi Warren. Here is an article from the apple knowledge base that describes how to connect, use and move files to an external drive. - https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25120?locale=en_US
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2018-09-26 05:58:09

I know how to move files onto an external hard drive, lol. I was just wondering if Pixelmator Pro had an option to save the projects to an external hard drive or if I have to do it manually.
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2018-09-26 16:12:22

I'm not sure what you actually want here Warren. When you save Pixelmator documents you can always choose where to save them, so if you want them on an external drive you save them to the external drive as you would with any other app. Or do you mean that you want a setting in the preferences to save to a default folder on another drive?