making shapes the same size in an image

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2018-04-03 12:09:13

I have a world-map with multiple information boxes in 'speech' type shapes (each on it's own layer). Whilst building it, different lengths of information have necessitated making some of the speech shapes bigger than others. Now I am finished however, I want to make all the speech shapes exactly the same size. Is there any simple way to do this aside from manually dragging and trying to get the pop up shape sizes the same?
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2018-04-03 15:44:36


You didn't say if you were usng Pixelmator or Pixelmator Pro.

If it's Pixelmator Pro then the answer is really easy. You just select all the speech bubbles that you want to change and edit the size fields in the Arrange tool.

If Pixelmator then it's more difficult. I can see three options:
1) Select and resize each by dragging the resizing handles (as you mentioned).
2) Select each one and in the 'cog' drop-down select transform > transform. You can then type in dimensions (which could be fairly speedy if you're resizing in only one direction and have the pixel size in the clipboard).
3) Copy one that is the right size and replace the ones that are the wrong dimensions (paste, move, remove original). Although it might be frustrating to redo work, it may well be that 'paste, move, delete' is fewer mouse-clicks and keyboard strokes than the other two methods (although this method assumes that they are otherwise identical: no colour changes etc.).

Can anyone think of anything better?