Pixelmator vs Pixelmator Pro

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2017-11-30 22:28:58


Does anyone have a list of differences between the old Pixelmator and the new Pixelmator Pro? I bought Pixelmator 2 years ago and I'm trying to see if it's worth the upgrade.
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2017-12-06 20:01:47


Someone's gotta know the differences, right? I know it's built on Metal and CoreML now (better performance?) but is that all?
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2017-12-07 05:32:27

As it stands now with the current version of Pixelmator Pro you'll have much and then I mean MUCH better performance with Pixelmator Pro compared to Pixelmator Classic. The other main difference is that all edits are non-destructive. In addition to that, the UI is completely new with (almost) no floating panels. More and more specific Pro features will be added with each 1.x release. Oh and there are minor things that are better too. For example you can now do white balancing the right way. It's worth the try and I would recommend buying ot now for the reduced price, because if you wait for 1.1 the price will be $99,-
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2017-12-07 05:44:29

Thanks for the reply! It sounds like a good investment. One more question: I've read someone say it's like they've integrated illustrator into the application. Does this mean that the app can now edit vectors and/or open .ai files?
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2017-12-07 19:57:06

No. Vectormator will be a seperate app. Pixelmator Pro has support for vector shapes but that's like in Pixelmator Classic for easy design / drawing purposes and will always convert to a raster layer when exported to any other format than the Pixelmator native file format.
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2017-12-07 20:32:30

Sounds good. Any idea now much vectormator will be?
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2017-12-08 14:59:12

P.S. I'd just like to add that the price won't jump straight up to $99.99 as soon as 1.1 is out. We haven't actually made a final decision about it, but the general idea is to raise it gradually once we ship major updates that add awesome new features.
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2017-12-10 21:17:16

Is there any special price for Pixelmator users to upgrade to the pro version?
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2018-06-01 07:41:54

by JOE HUANG 2017-12-10 21:17:16 Is there any special price for Pixelmator users to upgrade to the pro version?
The App store doesn't allow for upgrade pricing. Thank you to Apple for everybody having to pay full price. Again. Although Pixelmator Pro could have been a free upgrade as Pixelmator, or an IAP, instead of a new Application...