How to slice a image horizontally in 5 equal slices?

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2024-06-22 01:43:29

What is an easy (i.e. semi-automatic) way to slice an image horizontally in 5 equal slices and then save the 5 parts as, say, JPEGs?

I read about the Slice tool but it looks like a pretty manual process where I cannot say directly "I want 5 equal slices, please".

Many thanks for any pointers!
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2024-07-04 15:47:22

Got a sample of what you want sliced? Dimensions of the whole. When you put them back together are they used to recreate the original image or someplace else with different orientations perhaps. Basically, what are you trying to accomplish?
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2024-07-05 01:27:17

Thanks for chiming in, mccoytest.

I have just some scanned unfolded leaflets which are fold so that they have 5 "columns". I want to slice the images in these columns, so that when I put them next to each other they would give the whole image again.

Found a solution with the commandline tool ImageMagick:
convert input.jpg -crop 20%x100% +repage output_%d.jpg
But I was hoping that Pixelmator Pro could do this too...