Master object and cloned objects - Edit Master edits all clones regardless of orientation.

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2023-12-11 02:15:06

I seem to remember posting this request before but couldn't find it - maybe it was Pix Classic.

Once up a time I used Canvas as an image editor and it had one very useful feature that I loved. You could create an object of anything that you needed - a single item or a group of items. I would compare it to a group in PixPro. Then you would declare it as a "Master" (if I remember correctly) Then you could duplicate it as needed/wanted - changing the orientation or size of the duplicates. Editting of the Master made the same changes in the duplicates! Image
For example. I have a group of things that include images (or vectors, etc) with some embedded text. I need to duplicate that I item three times and reorient to be able to read the text from four different angles (sides). Fine, I can do that now. But when I discover an image error or typo, I have to go back, fix that first one again and re-place newly duplicated copies of it. My request is that any master changes effects the same changes in the duplicates. And in Canvas it was easy to remove any of the duplicates from the control of the master; changes to the master would not affect that duplicate again.
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2023-12-12 02:14:40

Definitely would like this. Wish we had master & slave objects as you describe. Anything done to the master updates each slave object. Additionally nice to see the following:
- Your examples shows slave object with rotation 90, -90, 180. Nice.
- Would also love to apply effect to a slave such as scale and transform. Nice for product mockup
- LUT or color transformations on a slave instance. Nice
- Effects like shadow, outline, etc on a slave instance. Nice.
- Why not throw any general Effect to a slave instance.

I've seen other similar asks like the following:

Does Pixelmator have an Adobe symbol analog?

The following Warp ask is a more advanced version where instances do more than just rotate. Also customers ask for this as a product mockup.

Keep the features rolling in Pixelmator team. Still a big fan!
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2024-06-10 14:37:15

Trying to bring this to the Pixelmator team's attention again. So useful.

Similar mentioned here: viewtopic.php?t=40898
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2024-07-07 16:11:56

It would be so nice to make five slaves/clones to this master and be able to change all "copies" only by editing the master instead of, currently, discarding all the copies, editing the master, creating five copies and replacing the locations. (whew)