Kodak Ektachrome slide restoration

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2024-03-04 23:15:46

Has anyone used Pixelmator Pro or Photometer to restore the colors faded out of old Kodak Ektachrome slides? I have slides now about 50 years old that have lost most of their original color except for magenta. I would like to restore them as much as would be possible with Pixelmator apps. Has anyone already been able to do this? Are there any instructions or guides available that would take as much of the error in "trial and error" away as anyone might hope for? Thank you in advance.
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2024-04-09 08:44:59

The 50 years old version will probably be quite difficult to restore. basket random
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2024-06-02 22:28:22

I did digitize more than 1,000 color slides dated back to the mid sixties and was able to correct colors reasonably well.. The extreme bad originals, I just converted to B/W with pretty good results..
I did a similar process for color negatives which I digitized..
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2024-06-03 16:08:04

That’s a clever solution. I hadn’t considered B/W for the really bad ones.