Version 3.0.12 has made this app unusable

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2023-09-17 11:48:24

Several issues using the app…

-The first & biggest issue is EVERY new project will not open after exiting/closing it (going back to select menu). They all say ‘Error 513’.
I have lost several edits & works in progress because of this.

- ‘Paste’ STILL does not paste in place. It only does (sometimes) if the pasted item includes any page borders (pasting top or bottom half or sides of an image). It only does then if the entire page is visible (not zoomed in).

- When Adding Effects to a higher Layer the effect does not show until leaving the Effects menu (hitting DONE).

- When applying Retouch tools to layers the layer blows up/enlarges when drawing (touching the screen to apply retouch)

- Quick selection does not follow contrasting edges. Constantly selects random blob shapes.