Colored stripes appear on DNG images

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2023-04-19 12:02:24

I report a Photomator bug that I only noticed after the last update.
When I try to edit DNG raw files colored stripes appear on the image ruining everything as soon as I open the image in the app.

This annoying pattern only appears on the RAW image (not on jpeg) and only inside Photomator (doesn’t happen in other photo editing apps like Lightroom).

This pattern even shows up in very old pictures that i imported and edited years ago without problems.

My take: the pattern seems to be related with the polarizing filter of the camera, even with old cameras and even with cameras without any added filters!

- iPad Pro 2020 12.9
- DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
- DJI Mavic mini 3 Pro

This problem is a very annoying I can’t edit most of my photos.

I have a screen recording for reference:
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2023-05-07 07:39:47

I have the same problem on MacBook Pro,with DJI Mavic Air1 DNG. I opened the ticket.
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2023-05-09 09:58:02

This is a bug on Apple's side, I have the same issue viewing raw photos from my Mini 2 on MacOS. I've chatted with Apple support and they confirmed that they know about it and are working on a fix.