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Discuss and share Pixelmator Pro resources such as templates, mockups, and tutorials.
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2022-10-27 12:25:32

Hi everyone, we can see lots of people putting our templates and mockups to great use and we'll continue to add more of them in the future. If you have any suggestions or requests for new template categories, mockups, or other content suggestions, feel free to post them here. We’ll keep them in mind!
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2022-10-28 09:48:54

I hope to have the "Save as Template..." function like iWork to facilitate opening templates like "Video Cover" and "Page Bleed" every time. At present, I need to find and open the file set to "Stationery pad" every time I visit, which is too troublesome. By the way, I like the "Smart Replace" and "Element alternatives" very much. Image Image
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2022-11-24 12:55:44

Hi, I'm new to Pixelmator so I don't know if it would be possible but I'd like to create table calendars with the software. So calendars templates would be nice...