‘Paste’ & ‘Clone’ issues after recent update

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2022-11-17 05:52:29

A couple issues I am experiencing with the recent update.

1 - With the ‘Paste’ function…

When copying a section from a layer & then pasting (creating a new layer) that section is not pasted IN PLACE respective to the whole image. It pastes to the top left corner. To align it with its place in the copied layer requires moving it there. To make the issue worse is that even with the alignment guides turned on, it will not snap to position. Trying to get it perfectly aligned is a PITA.

2 - With using ‘Clone’…

The recent update added a ‘preview’ action that has the source target follow the movement of the touch input (brush stroke). When touch input stops the source target remains where it ended instead of snapping back to its initial targeted position. I can see where this would be useful, but after years of using this app where it did snap back is now hindering workflow. An option switch to change how ‘Clone’ functions would be useful.
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2022-11-29 12:18:47

Hi there!

1 - This should be fixed in the next Pixelmator for iOS update.

2 - This is an intentional UI change. In previous Pixelmator for iOS versions, the Clone source marker did remain static, but this was essentially a UI bug. In reality, the source you were cloning from did actually move in the same way it does in the current Pixelmator for iOS version - only now, the UI has been updated to visually indicate this behavior.