Sony A7IV RAW Support

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2021-12-23 04:21:17

I’m aware that Apple will need to add support for new camera, and then iOS/iPadOS apps can take advantage of that, but I’m not sure how frequently they do that. After that update has happened at the OS level, do you need to then issue an update to Pixelmator Photo, or does it “just work”?

I’m lucky enough to be picking up my A7IV in about 10 hours :heart_eyes:

Also out of curiosity, what is/isn’t supported before that happens? Can I open the RAW file at all? If I made adjustments, can I go back to them after the support is added and pickup where I left off, or would I need to restore the image and start fresh?

It’s my first time with a brand new model camera, can you tell I’m excited haha?!?
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2021-12-23 09:33:55

I can sense the excitement through the screen, congrats! :party_face: Until Apple adds support for this new camera model, you should be able to open the JPEG previews of the photos, if they're embedded. Or you can also shoot JPEG + RAW and the JPEG file will be pulled instead of RAW. That means, however, that you'll need to re-edit the RAW files once the support is added. But since you can easily copy and paste adjustments between photos in Pixelmator Photo (and even do it in batch), I believe it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. :)
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2022-07-12 06:54:46

Any news about the A7IV raw support on iPadOS 16 beta?
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2022-07-12 07:03:15

No changes in iOS 16/iPadOS 16 or macOS Ventura unfortunately.

I worry that if this doesn’t get added in the final release in September it will be another year. If Apple is going to continue to take their time adding new camera support then I’ll have to consider alternatives to Pixelmator products which is a huge bummer.
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2022-08-05 01:31:15

I tried public iPadOS16 public beta2 and found there is no support for A7IV raw yet.

As for Nikon Z9, it seems there is already a support added to iPadOS16... ... raw-files/

Hope there will be a support for a7IV.
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2022-08-05 02:51:56

That’s correct, I’ve been checking every developer beta, and still nothing.