Is it possible to convert image into shape or pixels in Pixelmator iOS?

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2022-06-10 13:03:16

Hey there! I would like to get to know whether there is an opportunity to convert image into shape or pixels in Pixelmator iOS?
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2022-06-30 14:23:49

Hi Deniels, apologies for the late response! You can convert a shape or text layer to pixels by selecting it, tapping Tools (the paintbrush icon), choosing the Arrange tool and tapping the Convert into Pixels button at the bottom of the Arrange tool menu.
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2022-07-26 04:25:46

I bought the original Pixelmator when it came out. Since its features and nice looking UI were enough for me, I never bought Pixelmator Pro. Now the situations is that I can no longer use my Macbook Pro because it's from 2011. Any image editing I need I do it using Affinity (I wish Pixelmator worked on Windows). But there are three shapes I would like to get in a SVG, AI or EPS format.

I cannot justify buying Pixelmator Pro just for that and saving a project with the shape in PSD format and opening it in a different editor doesn't work. Would any of you convert my PXS shapes into one of the three formats above?