Bug? (Select multiple items)

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2021-09-21 07:26:03


After updating latest version(September, 2021), I cannot select multiple items.

Is this bug reported by other users?

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2021-09-21 07:59:46

Hi Taro. This is a Pixelmator Photo forum. Any chance you're having this issue with Pixelmator Pro on a Mac? If you are, do you use the Command key (or Shift-Command if you're working with shapes) to select items? Could you check if you have the Auto Select option is selected at the bottom of the Arrange tool options pane?
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2021-09-21 08:21:00

Thanks for your reply, Aurelija.

No, what I'm talking about is Pixelmator Photo (iPad). Pixelmator Pro on my Mac works just fine.

I use iPad Pro M1 12.9.

First, I tap "Select" on the top right corner. Then I was able to select multiple photos before updating. Now, when I tap second photo, the first one gets unselected / unchecked.

I tried restart / force shutdown but it doesn't work. With my Magic Keyboard, it also doesn't work. Accessing from Photos and Files, both doesn't work.

Before 1.5.3, it worked perfectly.

Any idea?
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2021-09-21 08:34:22

I forgot to mention. "Select All" doesn't work, too.
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2021-09-21 10:00:13

Update: When I access from Files, it works fine.
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2021-09-21 10:35:36

Gotcha, thanks for clarifying. I believe you're on iOS 15 already?
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2021-09-21 10:38:22

Yes, on officially released iOS 15.

Thank you. Hope it will be fixed soon.
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2021-09-21 11:12:12

Thanks! We've reproduced the issue so it's now on our fix list. Thanks, again, for reporting this. :pray:
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2021-09-21 12:43:53

1.53的custom lut不起作用
by Aurelija 2021-09-21 03:12:12 Thanks! We've reproduced the issue so it's now on our fix list. Thanks, again, for reporting this. :pray:
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2021-09-21 14:49:03

by 294790756@qq.com 2021-09-21 09:43:53 1.53的custom lut不起作用
:grimacing: Ah, this one slipped through. It shouldn't have been available in v1.5.3 just yet.
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2021-09-22 02:45:58

Hi, again.

I know it takes some time to fix the problem.

Do you have a rough plan when you'll be releasing the update?

The feature is essential for editing!
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2021-09-22 14:41:29

Hey Taro. The fix should be available in the Pixelmator Photo 1.5.4 update released today. Let me know if it helps!
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2021-09-22 14:51:35

Thanks for the quick update! It all works perfect now. :)

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2021-09-22 15:08:55

Nice! Glad to hear it. :)