Rotation for Checkerboard and Stripes generator effects

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2021-01-19 07:45:54

Hi, folks! Quick request to add a rotation to the output from the Checkerboard and Stripes generator effects. You can currently adjust the width and origin point, but you're stuck with vertical. I suppose this could apply to Clouds, too, though it's less noticeable there.

Thanks for your time!
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2021-01-19 15:27:06

Hey there, thanks for the feedback. The feature is on our radar! Not sure about the timing though, there are no concrete plans for it at this point.
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2021-01-19 16:11:30

Alrighty. Thanks!
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2021-04-16 19:03:23

Just want to echo that I would reaaalllly like to rotate stripes and checkerboards, please
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2021-04-22 07:46:23

Since the last post, I've found that you can actually combine the Checkerboard or the Stripes generator effects with Affine Tile and, with a little bit of adjusting, rotate, scale, or stretch the effect in any way you want. So, perhaps a separate rotation option may not be that necessary after all!
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2021-04-26 23:58:39

Well, I'll be darned! It works!
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2021-04-28 10:42:16

by Chad E 2021-04-26 20:58:39 Well, I'll be darned! It works!