Delay on Huion tablet input

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2021-01-04 01:24:23

I'm using a drawing tablet for the first time — a Huion H610PRO (v2). I can get input into Pixelmator Pro, but there's a delay from stroke to screen, and it's long enough that it's uncomfortable to use. Simple tracking movement is spot on, but actually putting ink to screen is slow. If I draw/write fast enough, the ink seems to lag a full second behind my stroke.

The only thing I could find was to turn off "smoothing", which I did (I think!) by turning off "Smooth Textures" in the pen's settings. But no luck.

Any ideas on what could be causing this behavior? Or is it normal?
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2021-01-04 18:40:21

Are you able to draw in the same documents without any delay using your mouse/trackpad? If so, my gut would say that this is likely to be a macOS/driver issue because Pixelmator Pro gets the inputs from macOS rather than the tablet itself and renders the stroke according to that information. Of course, that's not a definite, but that would be my first instinct. Do you have any other drawing apps and is everything work fine there?
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2021-01-04 19:22:19

Just downloaded another app to test and got the same results. So I hear you suggesting it might be an issue with the Huion driver, right?
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2021-01-04 19:34:05

Either the drivers or something with getting the inputs from the tablet to macOS (but I'm not sure what that something would be). I'd start by double-checking whether you have the right drivers installed (i.e. the most up to date ones), then if that doesn't help, contacting Huion support would be a good idea.
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2021-01-04 19:41:27

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2021-01-05 09:43:39

No problem, hope you can get it sorted out!
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2021-02-14 22:08:53

I am having the exact same issue as corypina. Has a solution been found?
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2021-02-25 15:44:27

by evnrtche 2021-02-14 20:08:53 I am having the exact same issue as corypina. Has a solution been found?
Are you seeing this issue in Pixelmator Pro only or does it happen in other graphics/image editing apps, too? I'm not sure if corypina eventually got this resolved, but I would guess it's more likely to be a general driver issue rather than a Pixelmator Pro issue. Of course, if it only happens in Pixelmator Pro, then we'd need to investigate – in that case, it would be great if you could email us at with more details.