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2021-01-05 20:17:25

Hey there... Huge fan of the Pixelmator products, and the value provided vs the cost. I currently use Pixelmator Pro for my photo editing (found you through the PhotoActive podcast, btw). I love it, and am consistently impressed with the results. However, I have no background in graphic design, and my learning curve is STEEP. I also miss a few of the features of that popular subscription service, like the ability to compare photos side by side (unless I just haven't figured out how to do that in Pro?). I'm slowly becoming more confident, but there is just so much in there that is overkill for me. Is there anything photo-specific in Pixelmator Photo that I don't have in Pro? It looks like the photo preset menu in Pro approximates what you get in Photo- I'm wondering if I'm missing anything? I also love the idea of working on a tablet with a pencil vice using a mouse, but that would require a iPad update for me, and before I make that investment, which would be primarily for this app, I'd like to know a bit more. Thanks!
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2021-01-08 15:43:07

by 00Stake 2021-01-05 18:17:25 Is there anything photo-specific in Pixelmator Photo that I don't have in Pro?
Hi there! I guess there are a few main things that are photo-specific and available in Pixelmator Photo only:

• The entire workflow is nondestructive – cropping/adjusting perspective/using the Repair tool/etc. Pixelmator Pro is more of a layer-based editor and, while it is nondestructive for the most part, certain things aren't quite as easy to undo or later adjust once you've made other edits.
• The image opening experience is oriented around your Photos library. When you open the app, you browse your library (though you can also use the Files browser). You can favorite/delete/otherwise manage photos right in the app. You can also copy and paste edits between photos right in the browser.
• Batch editing is built right in. You can create batch workflows and process potentially hundreds of photos right in the app.

The ability to compare a photo side by side (using a split-screen view) is also available in Pixelmator Photo.

I'm a little anxious that you might shell out for a new device based on my word alone, but I hope I at least answered your questions.
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2021-01-11 05:07:42

You did- thanks!
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2021-01-11 12:36:17

by 00Stake 2021-01-11 03:07:42 You did- thanks!
You're very welcome!