A series processors for Mac?

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2018-10-31 18:18:48

Hey not really Pix Pro related but I am wunder when the Aseries of processors Apple makes will come to the Mac. It seems the A12x is a beast and next years A13 will be even more powerful because of the die shrink to the 7nm process this year. Given the fact its a tick tock strategy Apple is doing and the unreliability of Intel providing good processors in time it seems just a matter of time that Apple will bring a powerful A series chip to the Mac. What are your opinions?
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2018-11-01 07:24:06

Absolutely. When the 12" Macbook came out 4-ish years ago, I was half-expecting it to have an ARM/Apple processor. If Apple takes the same 'fat binary' approach as it did with the switch from Motorola to Intel, Apple could start rolling out Apple processors fairly seamlessly. Hopefully they'll give devs more notice than last time because running something under rosetta was a pain.
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2018-11-01 08:02:38

Waiting for another "living a secret double life".
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2018-11-01 10:59:07

mazerfaka: What do you mean with double life?
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2018-11-02 23:44:51

by ResLes 2018-11-01 10:59:07 mazerfaka: What do you mean with double life?
Back when Mac ran power pc processors and they announced the switch to intel, they said that all precious versions of osx at the time had been living a secret double life (because they were all developed with intel in mind, just in case).
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2018-11-03 12:55:55

Ah ok. I guess that they do it again now... With iOS apps coming to the mac
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2019-02-22 10:26:40

I hope the pix team is putting their focus on pix pro instead of developing an iOS app. This article explain why.. which I thought after the a9 chip became so powerful and now the a12x.

https://www.macrumors.com/2019/02/21/ap ... hips-2020/
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2019-02-22 15:26:39

Well, we're working on a slightly different kind of iOS app for the time being, so it's all good...
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2019-02-22 15:35:38

Is Pix Photo the same as Pix Pro? How much more work was it to make Pix Pro - Pix Photo? I mean to make it an IOS app? Do you welcome the idea to translate Pix Pro to IOS?
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2019-02-22 15:48:56

Not quite, Pixelmator Photo is focused around photo editing in general and RAW editing in particular. You can think of it more as a Lightroom-type of app. And it wasn't so much a problem with the amount of work it's just that, with any app we make, we want the user experience to be impeccable (or as close to it as we can get). Much of the idea behind Pixelmator Pro is the nondestructive workflow idea and, on iPad, we weren't sure we'd be able to bring that over completely. But in the process of developing Pixelmator Pro for iPad, we realized we had the makings of a pretty awesome photo editor so we decided to see how far we can push that. Everyone one of us would absolutely love to have Pixelmator Pro on iPad, there's no doubt about it, so we'll just have to wait and see what else the future brings.
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2019-02-24 08:20:34

That sounds you are on it. Thanks for your statement