How to crop shapes in circle motion?

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2020-05-15 08:54:32

Most of the shapes I can achieve by subtracting different shapes.

This is how I made the circler border

I was thinking to create a bunch of rectangles from the center that will make the holes.. but it will very difficult to cut them evenly...

Is it possible to change the anchor point? Because now I have to create group a circle and a line .. in order to rotate the line around the center
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2020-05-18 14:17:40

Hi Panna, are you using the original Pixelmator or Pixelmator Pro? If it's Pixelmator Pro, here's a video showing how I'd do this:

What I'm doing here is first creating the main shape — it's important for this to not be a troke, so I draw an ellipse, then subtract another ellipse from it. After doing that, I draw a rectangle to subtract that from the ellipse, duplicate it, and then, while holding down the Shift key (to snape rotation to 15º increments), I rotate that rectangle, duplicate, rotate, and repeat. Once that's all done, I merge the shape components to get my final shape (though this step is not necessary) and adjust the stroke/fill/opacity/etc. If you keep your shape components unmerged, you can adjust the width of that rectangle to adjust the gaps between each radiating rectangle.

Hope that helps!
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2020-05-18 14:23:37

By the way, the keyboard shortcuts I'm using are:

Shift while drawing an ellipse — to constrain proportions
Option-drag on layer handle — to resize objects from the center
Command-drag on layer handle — to rotate layers
Shift while rotating — to constrain rotation to 15º increments
Shift-Command-D — to duplicate layers