Dashed line from an existing outline?

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2020-04-18 10:53:42


Hello there,

I have a silly question: How do I make a dashed line from an existing outline? In my uploaded example, I manually did it by using the eraser. But I'm using a computer, right? Is it possible with Pixelmator to automate this?

I'm looking forward to your answers.

Kind regards,
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2020-04-26 14:29:43

Lars, it's possible – the one way that comes to mind right now is creating the stroke gaps as its own shape and putting that over any existing outlines. You can draw the gaps as a shape by hand but there's also a relatively quick but rather complex automatic way. I'd struggle to explain it well so I've made an example shape for you:

http://upload-cdn.pixelmator.com/Stroke ... 26.pxm.zip

You can take that shape, put it over any existing circles and adjust the stroke of the shape to increase or reduce the gaps. Of course, if you'd like to have more gaps or have them closer together, you'd need to create a specific 'gaps' shape to do so. There might be another way of doing this but this is the fastest I can currently think of!