Newbie question - How do I save my work from Pixelmator back to my Photos app?

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2019-03-01 00:08:28

I want to be able to see all of my photos in one place. So after I finish working with a photo in Pixelmator, I'd like to save the changes back to Photo. How do I do that? I have to save as JPEG, right? When I try to save, it wants to put the edited photo in my "pictures" file which has images I've scanned, which is not where I want it to go. Please help. Thanks.
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2019-03-01 01:12:14

Hi Carolynn.

Quick answer: you can use the Share menu in Pixelmator to share the image to Apple Photos. this will save a flattened copy of the image directly into Apple Photos (as a Photo).

If you still want to keep the full Pixelmator file with layers, shapes, text etc., you'll have to find a place to save the Pixelmator file, too.

Hope this helps (and I have correctly understood what you were after).

- Stef.
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2019-03-01 07:45:43

Perfect. That worked. I thought I tried "share" and it didn't work. In any case, it worked this time. Thanks for your response.
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2019-03-01 14:58:22

P.S. If you've used the Edit With > Pixelmator option in Photos, you can also simply choose File > Save to save your changes over the original image.
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2019-03-02 02:40:17